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Your Game, Your Universe

Welcome to Galactic Pirates, the future of Play 2 Earn.

With 3D High-Quality, Innovative, and Exclusive NFT content created by and for the passionate MMORPG community.


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Following centuries of conflict, the people of earth entered a lasting era of peace, establishing Earth's utopian society. Without the threat of war, military forces were disbanded with a new ‘One World Government’ (OWG) being established. After a millennium of harmony, the warriors, and wars of old became lost to time and forgotten.

In the year 3033 humanity have discovered they are not alone in the universe. Without a military presence, the earth was defenseless and faced certain annihilation at the hands of technologically advanced alien races. Using advanced reanimation technology, The OWG looked to the past to save humanity, calling upon the greatest captains throughout history to explore new frontiers, build alliances, find new technology, locate, and harvest advanced materials, and strike fear into any who pose a threat.

Welcome back Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, Ching Shih, Hayreddin Barbarossa, and many others. With more DNA of our legends being found, a new era of pirate renaissance is about to begin.

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Plunder, Invade, Explore, complete quests, and collect rewards & bounties. 

Build various trading stations and collect PIR coins when others need to use your services or purchase your wares.

Hunt others, defeat them and steal their loot.


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The Galactic Pirates metaverse uses PIR tokens to create a circular economy in-game. The PIR Coin will act as the official currency in the ecosystem when purchasing goods and services within the game marketplace.


PIR is integral to the Galactic Pirates Universe with key mechanics that make it fundamentally bound to The Galactic Pirate Universe and Marketplace. PIR is a  utility token that operates as the foundation for transactions within The Galactic Pirates ecosystem, and has the subsequent uses:

  • Admittance to The Galactic Pirates Universe: Players spend PIR to purchase equipment or enhance their character and/or assets. There will be elements of gameplay that will reward players with earned PIR. Plots (in-game ‘real estate’), and Chambers can be purchased, and then rented to other players for PIR Coins or Sold. Plot & Chambers Sales drive demand for PIR to for purchases.


  • The Brethren Court: PIR is a governance token that allows holders to participate in Governance decisions of the platform, using a DAO structure. Players can vote who will form The Brethren Court as their representatives, The Brethren Court will be the elected controlling authority of any in-game decisions and be in direct contact with the Developers. 

  • Staking: PIR encourages staking, which allows for passive revenue.

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Total Supply of 3,000,000,000 PIR tokens.


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Coming Soon

Galactic Pirates will offer competitive staking rewards - Full details coming soon.

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