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Welcome to Galactic Pirates, the future of Play 2 Earn.

With 3D High-Quality, Innovative, and Exclusive NFT content created by and for the passionate MMORPG community.


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Following centuries of conflict, the people of earth entered a lasting era of peace, establishing Earth's utopian society. Without the threat of war, military forces were disbanded with a new ‘One World Government’ (OWG) being established. After a millennium of harmony, the warriors, and wars of old became lost to time and forgotten.

In the year 3033 humanity have discovered they are not alone in the universe. Without a military presence, the earth was defenseless and faced certain annihilation at the hands of technologically advanced alien races. Using advanced reanimation technology, The OWG looked to the past to save humanity, calling upon the greatest captains throughout history to explore new frontiers, build alliances, find new technology, locate, and harvest advanced materials, and strike fear into any who pose a threat.

Welcome back Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, Ching Shih, Hayreddin Barbarossa, and many others. With more DNA of our legends being found, a new era of pirate renaissance is about to begin.

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