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NFT Incubators

Limited to a maximum supply of 10,000 mintable incubators, with 500 being found natively throughout the Galactic Pirates Universe.

An initial supply of 2,500 will be available pre-launch, with the remaining being added periodically as the player base reaches certain milestones, ensuring a rental demand.


These incubators are essential to Galactic Pirates' gameplay. Used to generate your captain and crew from the DNA from Pirates through the ages.  


Once all INCUBATORS are sold, if a new player wants to play the game, they will either need to buy an Incubator in the secondary market or rent from current INCUBATOR owners. The game will list the minimal rental price at 20% of the mint price, thus guaranteeing that INCUBATOR owners can break even after 5 rentals. Players will set the rental prices themselves and to avoid players undercutting, each player will only be permitted to rent their incubator once every 14 days.

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NFT Flags

A pirate's flag is not just a symbol, in the 17th-century pirates began to design and make their own flags.  The goal of the flag was to terrify other ships into surrendering quickly. If pirates could loot a ship without a fight they negate the risk of loss of life and leave with an intact ship. The more notorious a pirate and intimidated their flag, the more the message or their legend was sent out.

Choose wisely from our huge selection of flags, or create your own, your flag is part of your legend, and will become part of your legacy.


Build your very own pirate ship equipped for all kinds of missions. Upgrade, customise, and increase your notoriety. All ships can be placed for sale in the Galactic Pirates marketplace.


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