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Just to share some of the Play to Earn options.

1. Each mission will be unique. To earn missions, you wd need to first read and understand the mission and its rewards and then bid for it. At this point, you would have to make your own judgements if your bid justifies the rewards.

Say you won the bid. Now you are the sole owner of that mission. However, there will be a timeline to complete the mission. Should u fail, the mission would then be up for public bidding again.

If you feel u cannot complete the mission by yourself, you could share and negotiate some of the mission rewards to the public or to your friends.

Once u make a party, u have the option to protect yourself by doing an official contract with your party. Without the contract, you are at risk that your party members can sabotage you at the completion of the mission and attack you or worse, share your route back and get others to gang upon u to steal some of yr loot.

2. Items found during mission can also be sold directly or via auctions.

3. You can issue and place bounties on others.

4. You could also play the game making a business empire.

- providing security services.

- purchasing refueling stations to resell fuel to players

-purchasing food stations and reselling food to players going on missions.

- or being owners and renting the above to others to manage and just become landlords.

- purchasing repair stations.

Above are just some examples.

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